About us

We are a non-profit, non-government organization registered in Ghana. The funding is through donations and we are about to sale fairly produced shea butter with the help of women who are living in the village Tichalle.

The organization was registered in Tamale in December 2014 as an NGO (Non-governmental Organization) with 4 members. The board of directors consists of Nyess Jallo Failu from Ghana and Luisa Väth from Germany.

The aim of the organization is to support the school education and life of the children in the village of Tichalle and the surrounding areas of Tamale.

We are supporting schools in renovation and construction classrooms which is needed to provide a child-friendly learning environment.

Our NGO was founded out of private reasons and keeps itself motivated by that.

Since we experience the challanges every day, we recognizing also the constant search for help.

In 2008, in the village of his uncle (Chief of Tichalle, died 2017), Failu (Board of Directors) noticed that the basic requirements to go to school were not in place.

The school was very run down, the families could not afford school uniforms and materials, so the children were sent for farming around the village instead of going to school.

Failu was born in Tamale and knows the difficult situation of being allowed to receive education. It is a daily challenge for the children around him and therefore he wants to help.

He has always had a strong sense of justice and tries to support people in all situations. Therefore, he does not give up and is always looking for new ways to help the children and others.

2009 he got to know the german volunteer Luisa Väth. She stayed twice in Tamale to work in a private school. They became close friends since that time.

2014 she moved to the capital of Ghana and they decided to register the NGO together.