Shea Butter


Rural women in particular face greater difficulties in transforming their labour into more productive

employment activities and their paid work into higher and more secure incomes.

The labor market in Ghana is generally unsatisfactory.

Many women in the northern villages produce shea butter to support their families and to participate in labour. However, this work is not registered and therefore does not contribute to the pension.

This supports the daily life from hand to mouth, but the future of the women is not secured and they are dependent on their children in old age.


Shea butter is one of the main production incomes in Northern Ghana.

Many villages produce shea butter in small quantities and sell it on the local market.

It is the same case in Tichalle.

Shea butter is used in various fields Cosmetics for skin and hair, as a remedy for colds, wounds and much more. Even for cooking it is used.

The shea nuts are collected in the wild around Tichalle. The nut is removed from the fruit, washed and dried.

After crushing, the nuts are roasted and made into a paste. This is heated and the resulting oil is separated from the paste. The oil becomes cold and hard. This is shea butter.


In October 2020, Luisa got in touch with a start up company in Germany.

The new and small company produces ecological and fair produced cosmetic products in Franconia, Bavaria.

Among other things, shea butter is mainly used in the production and is very popular with their customers.

So one thing led to another. We entered into an exchange with the women of the village of Tichalle to see if they were interested in producing shea butter, selling and exporting it overseas.

In order to generate regular income and later to be able to support the village school with this project, the women were very enthusiastic.

However, the delivery to Germany could not take place now, because the financial means are missing.

We are looking for constant help and appreciate any support on overseas transportation, financial support or sharing any information with us.